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The Geometric Trading Method & Geometric patterns signals are about 65% to 75%

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Accredited Training Provider of the London Academy of Trading and Investment (ATI London)


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We have created a specialized approach of investigating the financial markets for Trading Opportunities, catered to serious Traders of all levels & Investors, even if they are from other industries


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At BFTA, a.k.a the ‘Bretton Financial Trading Academy’, our team is committed to providing the best of Education on how to Trade the Forex and Crypto markets online. The outcome is to assist our graduates to achieve and to be able to bridge the gap between Theory and Practice whilst achieving consistent success in trading.
Additionally, Bretton’s team of mentors assist traders by reporting every day on the latest movements and risks events in the financial markets. As a result, our trading community is provided daily with timely fundamental, economic outlook as well as technical analysis, in order to produce high-quality Trade-Ideas.
With the ability of our team’s experience in conducting a close examination of promising chart formations during live trading hours of the day, our esteemed mentors are able to provide their non-biased analysis, based on the latest market moves whilst delivering valuable tutorials on economic, political, and technical factors that drive the Financial Market.


Kenny is a Certified Trading Instructor and Fellow Member of the London Academy of Trading and Investment.

For Kenny, Trading Psychology involves a process/set of techniques of priming oneself, to achieve Focus, Discipline & Patience. It’s not something you read and be good at after finishing a book.


Jameel is a very experienced market analyst with 15+ years of experience in various international companies.

Jameel is a gifted “market mind-reader” and he is also a talented educator who is able to share and explain his market insights and forecast techniques in a simplified way so that everyone can understand and participate.


Pedro is the Director of ATI.London in Thailand, a senior lecturer and an experienced professional in trading and investments.

He holds 15 years of experience in international positions in big firms, with significant exposure in financial education and portfolio management.

Accredited Training Provider of the London Academy of Trading and Investment (ATI London)

Gain a globally recognised qualification through Bretton Academy and build knowledge on how to trade and invest.

Through our professional educators and e-learning system, we support our students in improving their trading behaviour by increasing discipline and consistency through our qualifications and programmes.